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June 9, 2015 Chapter Meeting Re-cap

Posted by Dave Hill - #867273, President on June 10, 2015 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 Chapter Meeting

Location: Elk City Regional Airport Terminal

Visitors: Larry Gray & Earl Reed

Members In Attendance: Dave Hill, Jim Kos, Gary Loftis, Kelly Hall, & Mike Matlock

Update from last month's intentions.

The Hobart Pancake Breakfast was rained out with 12" of rain and record setting flooding in Elk City. By email concenus we have decided to postpone trying to have the Pancake breakfast fly-in until sometime in the fall.


So what happended this meeting?

Visitors, Larry Gray and Earl Reed decided to join the chapter!  Welcome aboard gentlemen!  We made sure that they both got a Chapter hat.  Larry was an invited guest of Mike Matlock.  Earl heard about the chapter from Jim's radio interview - cuddos to Jim!  Jim is going to be on the radio again in the next few weeks promoting the chapter.  Our newest member, Earl Reed, reminded us that if we think about it we all have friends we can invite.  Who could you invite and bring with you next month?

I brought hot dogs that we cooked out.  Jim brought bottled water.  I didn't mention it at the meeting, but I think getting a few volunteers to bring food and drinks to chapter meetings would be a great tradition to get started.  What do you guys think?

Financial report:  Chapter has $8.50 in checking and that the monthly bank service charge is $4.97.  Two members donated $40 each and a third member donated $20.  Thanks guys.

President's EAA report:  Brett Hahn from EAA contacted me and complemented us on our website.  We learned that EAA will pay to mail invitations to EAA members in surrounding area for a "Meet & Greet The Chapter" meeting.  Per Brett's recommendation we agreed to host the "Meet & Greet" on Saturday, July 11, 2015 from 10:00 to 11:00 am at the Elk City Regional Airport Terminal.  We will serve coffee and doughnuts.  In all the excitement, I forgot to get volunteers to do the coffee and doughnuts.  Who would like to volunteer?  

Dave's review of EAA's Flying Club Manual - "Establishing a Non-Profit Flying Club". In my opinion, the fact that EAA is even promoting flying clubs is a major departure from their past attitude about not mixing flying and chapter activities. Make no doubt about it, chapters are still prohibited from owning airworthy flying aircraft.  Yet, the EAA wants to assist interested chapter members in forming flying clubs.  Again, in my opinion, this manual is one of the best manuals I've ever seen on starting and organizing a non-profit organization and particularly a flying club.

I (Dave Hill) felt it was important to discuss the importance of the Sport Pilot rules and the implications of Sport Pilot as the most economical way to learn to fly and get a Pilot's license.  As a CFI who has done 200 hours of flight training in light sport aircraft I see the importance of Sport Pilot as the starting point in a person learning how to fly.  I explained the differences between S-LSA's (Special Light Sport Aircraft - "factory built") and E-LSA's (Experimental Light Sport Aircraft) in terms of flight training.  In summary, I believe that is is critical that a flying club started in the same spirit as the EAA should focus on having a Light Sport training aircraft. I will continue to work on developing a proposal for starting a flying club. (I'm going to address this in more detail in another blog.) 

We continued to discuss a chapter project a little bit. Gary Loftiss brought plans for the Teenie Two, which is supposed to be the cheapest airplane you can build.

Kelly Hall reiterated the importance of the chapter having a project and he volunteered to start looking for a damaged or out of engine time Light Sport Aircaft.

Thanks guys for showing up. This is the most fun I have all month.


Dave Hill


Next Progression - Flying Club

Posted by Dave Hill - #867273, President on April 19, 2015 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Boy was I surprised to see the new link on the EAA website for Flying Clubs!  When the Chapter finishes building a project the next step is to transfer ownership to a Flying Club - it just makes sense.  Now the EAA is providing guidelines for starting a Flying Club.  It's about time.

There are all kinds of ways to be creative in forming a Non-profit Flying Club.  Check EAA website.


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